Soulja Boy on Private Jet Fiasco: "Everybody Makes Mistakes"

Soulja Boy on Private Jet Fiasco: "Everybody Makes Mistakes"

Did he, or didn't he start the rumor himself?

Published August 19, 2011

Last month Soulja Boy floated to the top of Yahoo's most-searched list when news hit that he was buying himself a $55 million private jet for his 21st birthday, and days later--around the time the tax man came calling--that rumor was debunked by a "source" close to the rapper. Now, Soulja's speaking for the first time on the incident, telling that the story was indeed completely fabricated…but does his clarification sound like a confession?

"Basically, it was just a rumor," he says vaguely. "It was just showing you how the media exaggerates on some stories. It was funny to me. They do their thing. Everybody makes mistakes. I didn’t get a private plane. I can if I want to! Sh--, I’m not though. I got stuff that I’m trying to do first."

Among the "stuff" SB plans to do is star in a remake of the 1992 film Juice. The 21 year old rapper will play Bishop, the character played by rap icon Tupac Shakur in the original film.

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Written by Smriti Mundhra


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