Kreayshawn Caught Dissing Rick Ross Again

Kreayshawn Caught Dissing Rick Ross Again

A UStream conversation finds the rookie rapper poking fun at the rap heavyweight.

Published August 22, 2011

It looks like Kreayshawn's feelings toward Rick Ross may be more complicated than she would have you believe. The rising rapper from Oakland went on MTV last week to dispel any notions that she had beef with the Maybach Music impresario, despite her comments in a radio freestyle that suggested he was "fake." But a new video, which captures Kreayshawn in an uninhibited conversation with friends, indicates that the MTV interview was less than sincere.

"I can't say s**t like that," Kreayshawn says, explaining the MTV appearance to a group of friends who have gathered around a laptop to watch it online. As the clip wraps up, Kreay smiles and admits, "What I really wanted to say was Rick Ross is fake."

Kreayshawn and her associates, which includes her controversial BFF V-Nasty, then launch into an extended diss session aimed at the Bawse. Topics include Ross' signature ad lib, "Huhh," and how it might relate to his sex life.

Ross has yet to address any of the "White Girl Mob" rapper’s comments.

(Photo: Scott Weiner/Retna Ltd.)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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