Rihanna Demands Emergency 2AM Bikini Wax

Rihanna Demands Emergency 2AM Bikini Wax

That can only mean one thing, right?

Published October 1, 2011

The blokes of Belfast are really going to get the wrong idea about Rihanna. The pop star has been causing a stir in the Northern Ireland capital: first, she offends a farmer by going topless on his property, and now reports are surfacing that Ri demanded a bikini wax in her hotel room at 2am. So, why would a girl need to trim her hedges spontaneously in the middle of the night?

According to Rihanna, it's so she would be picture perfect for her video shoot the next morning. A source tells The Sun, "Rihanna arrived at her hotel very late and the first thing she wanted was a bikini wax. The video shoot was scheduled for the following morning so she didn't have much time. Her assistants got on the case quickly and called some beauticians after finding a directory on the web."

Ri's assistants had to call four local beauticians before they could convince one to get out of bed and come to her hotel (side note: really? How often do these guys get a call from an international star offering to pay them to touch her, um, down there?).

"It was relief all round when they finally managed to find someone."

It's still not clear why Ri couldn't wait till the morning and have one of her highly-paid make up artists do the deed, but that's a secret that will stay between her and the hotel room walls.

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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