Fat Joe Talks Gay Mafia, Homosexuality in Hip Hop

Fat Joe Talks Gay Mafia, Homosexuality in Hip Hop

"The hip hop industry is most likely owned by gays."

Published November 9, 2011

There may be some rappers who are uncomfortable talking about their gay peers in the industry, but Fat Joe isn't one of them. In a new interview with VladTV, Joe talked about his belief that rappers should be able to love who they please and the potential existence of a "gay mafia" in the industry.

Asked about famed New York DJ Mister Cee, who was caught earlier this year with a male transvestite, Joe demurred, saying that he defended Cee's right to live the way he wants to.

"Mister Cee's a legend, man. More power to him ... Was I surprised when I heard that? To the millionth percent ... But whatever he do, whatever his preference is, it's up to him. I ain't here to tell nobody what's right or what's wrong."

Joey Crack said that he's "pretty sure" that he's worked with gay rappers himself, and pointed out that there are likely closeted homosexuals throughout the entertainment industry.

"I'm pretty sure that football n****s is gay, basketball n****s is gay ... n****s is gay. That's just the way it is," he said. "There's millions of gay people in the world."

The Puerto Rican rapper expressed dismay at the fact that gay people still remain in the closet, even in our modern times.

"In 2011, you've got to hide that you're gay?" he said. "Like be real. 'I'm gay.' What the f***? If you gay, be gay."

Expressing his view that gay culture is already a part of hip hop, Fat Joe went so far as to speculate about the existence of a behind-the-scenes gay mafia.

"It's the greatest gay market in the world," Joe said of hip hop culture. "The hip hop industry is most likely owned by gays. I happen to think there's a gay mafia in hip hop. Not rappers — the editorial presidents of magazines, the PDs at radio stations, the people who give you awards at award shows. This is a f***in' gay mafia, my man, and they are in power. So why wouldn't a rapper come out and say 'I'm gay' and get that type of love?" he wondered. "Lady Gaga? I don't know if she's gay, but she's doin that gay s**t for real. And she is winning."

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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