Money Monday: Ways to Have More Money

Money Monday: Ways to Have More Money offers ways to keep living your same life and add a few extra dollars to your pockets.

Published August 1, 2011

August is here and as summer winds down, it’s back to reality. Back to school and back to long hours at work.


As fall approaches expenses can increase. Colder weather could mean more money to buy clothes, food for Thanksgiving and eventually gifts for the holidays.


Start the beginning of your fall the right way by putting more money in your pocket.


Not sure where to start? Try these tips:


Hold a Yard Sale


Someone’s junk is another man’s treasure. What a better way to make room for the fall than to sell your personal, useless goods. If you have jewelry, furniture, children’s items, collectibles or other goods that you think could be of use to someone else, try selling it; you could make money fast.


According to, to begin your yard sale:


Sort items into categories (kitchen, books, kids, clothes), clean and repair items as you go, and then price and label your objects with a description when applicable.


Decide how you will advertise your sale − post your ad at least one day before the sale in “free” and local newspapers. Include the date, time, address, directions and items of interest.


Post signs at major intersections and in local stores, laundromats and churches. Also, don’t forget to post your sale on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to get your immediate network to help you spread the word.


When the sale is over, make arrangements for a charity to pick up your leftovers; your space will be less cluttered.


Start an In-Home Part-Time Business


How does one start an in-home PT business? It is all well and good to tell someone to start a business, but tell them how to do that. Starting a business doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive; there are many ways to have your own business while juggling your daily responsibilities. Jacob and Susan D'Aniello started an in-home, picking up dog poop business. Their first client responded to an ad they placed in their local paper and wanted to buy the service for six months for a friend whose pet left many “presents” in the yard. Today, the D’Aniello’s's  pooper-scooper business is now a multi-million dollar franchise called DoodyCalls.


Try out small jobs like hiring yourself as a dog walker, or driver or cook, for example.


According to, if you don’t have a large budget for your company try these tips to help market your in-home business:


1. Get free publicity by writing a brief press release or “letter” to your local newspaper announcing the grand opening of your business.


2. Order business cards as a very efficient and low cost way to advertise your business to anyone you come in contact with. offers a service where you can design and receive free business cards here.


Take a Part-Time Job


If you’re not interested in starting your own part-time business, try taking a part-time job. Though it may be a little stressful at first, receiving an extra paycheck could help to alleviate some financial stress. Jobs such as bartending and waiting tables offer immediate cash from tips., the leader in job search sites, offers access to hundreds of thousands of jobs on their website. Simply type in what type of job for which you are looking and the city in which you are interested in finding that job. The results are almost instantaneous.


Rent Out Your “Spot”


Going out of town? Try renting out your place as a way to put fast cash in your pocket. Secure all prized possessions and double check your renters or homeowners insurance; you could make a couple hundred dollars, if not more, by renting your space. If you own property, you could make fast money by renting out your parking spot.


Online marketplaces for parking, such as Parkatmyhouse, allow you to list your space and set a monthly price for it in their database. allows you to list a spare room online and outprice hotels to lure in travelers by offering an inexpensive, on your own terms, place to stay.


Collect Your Change


It may sound like common sense, but pennies add up. Check around your home for hidden coins. They may be under your couch cushions or in back pockets. Account for all of your money, even if it is round.


Collect your change and deposit it into a Coinstar machine at your grocery store. Coinstar will count your change for free if you’re using it to get a gift card or eCertificate. Some stores that Coinstar offers fee-free giftcards to include, Lowes and Old Navy. Find a complete list of all the Coinstar giftcard merchants here.



Financially free yourself by making opportunities for your monetary well-being this August.




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Written by Danielle Wright


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