Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'Why Isn't Black Lives Matter a Hate Group?'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'Why Isn't Black Lives Matter a Hate Group?'

Update: Fox News pundit sends tweet in response to critics.

Published September 2, 2015

Sure, every movement has its critics. But Elisabeth Hasselbeck's recent question about Black Lives Matter seems more like a ridiculous reach, if nothing else.

On Fox & Friends on Monday, Hasselbeck and co-host Brian Kilmeade talked to Kevin Jackson, executive director of The Blacksphere, about the recent killing of Houston-area deputy sheriff Darren Goforth and Black Lives Matter protests held at the Minnesota State Fair over the weekend. 

“Kevin, why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified yet as a hate group?” Hasselbeck asked. “I mean, how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”

Black Lives Matter a hate group? Apparently, Hasselbeck doesn't understand the fight for justice in America for people of color.

Now Jackson, who's Black and conservative, took the bait and ran with it. Not only did he call the movement "nonsense" and financed by "leftists," but he also said that Blacks needed to stop pointing the finger for problems in our community.

"The sad part about it is the impact [the Black Lives Matter movement] is going to have in the Black community and the fact that it takes away so much thought about what really is the problem in the Black community, which is a lack of whole Black families," Jackson said. "What it allows people to do is point the finger at everything but where it really needs to point.

"If we had more Black families whole in the community, we would have a lot less of this," he continued. "If we had clergy who were willing to support real issues and change in the Black community, we would have a lot less of this. Of course, we have the Congressional Black Caucus who actually loves this type of strife."

Now Jackson's answer is just the type of conservative nonsense we would expect. He might have well have added that Black-on-Black crime is the real problem, which has been debunked several times over.

In a more just world, Hasselbeck would have asked this crazy question of someone who could have made sense of a nonsensical question. We're sure Marc Lamont Hill or DeRay McKesson would have had all the answers.

On Tuesday afternoon, Hasselbeck headed to Twitter clear the air about her intentions without directly mentioning the incident.

Then later that evening, she directly addressed the situation.

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