Man Chokes to Death During a Chicken Wing Eating Contest

Man Chokes to Death During a Chicken Wing Eating Contest

KFC shouldn't stand for killer fried chicken.

Published March 22, 2016

In the immortal words of Stu Nahan during Apollo Creed’s death scene in Rocky IV, “What started out as a joke has turned into a disaster.”

Truer words could not have been spoken when a man died participating in an eating contest in Indonesia.

Eating competitions have entertained millions over the years but the “Eat or Treat” chicken wing eating contest in Indonesia was no laughing matter. A 45-year-old man choked and died eating a KFC chicken wing. The victim, Fredy Jayadi, was in the elimination round of the KFC sponsored chicken wing eating contest.

Upon eating his last piece of chicken — Jayadi started to choke. He tried to dislodge the wing portion by drinking water, but to no avail. Jayadi would die later on at a local clinic. O2 Accion, the company that hosted the event, has taken full responsibility for the incident.

In a statement O2 said:

We hold ourselves (and not any other parties) responsible towards such an unforeseen event, including any further issues arising out of this incident.

What was this incident all worth? Roughly $7,600 or $1bn rupiah in prize money.

It may be surprising to some that this doesn't happen more often. It is doubtful that this incident will change anyone's mind about safety concerns during eating competitions.

It is hoped that a similar tragedy doesn't befall what has come to be known as the Super Bowl of competitive eating, “Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest” coming up in July in NYC's Coney Island.

(Photo: Brian Yarvin/Ocean/Corbis)

Written by Reggie Wade


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