[Video] The Horrific Moment Amy Joyner Was Murdered Has Been Released

[Video] The Horrific Moment Amy Joyner Was Murdered Has Been Released

A few fellow students have taken to Instagram displaying an appalling lack of remorse

Published April 25, 2016

A tragic story out of Delaware's Howard High School of Technology, in which a student, Amy Inita Joyner-Franciswas allegedly attacked and killed by a group of bullies in a school bathroom, has taken on a new level of horror as video of the incident has been released. Much of the fight was captured on student's cellphones, including the moment Amy lost consciousness.

Now it seems this story has taken an even darker turn, as it has been discovered that the girls behind Joyner-Francis' death have taken to social media to defend their heinous crime. Some of the girls allegedly involved in Amy's death commented on Instagram posts remembering Amy. Since details of the crime went viral the two girls in question have deleted their social media pages, but records of their original comments exist. 

One girls wrote of Amy, "F*** This Retarted Nose Having A** B*****, She Ugly. We Made Sure We Killed That B****! #ripamy B*****." 

Other comments made by girls who are alleged to be involved were screenshotted and posted to social media.

These are truly despicable statements by the girls who are allegedly responsible for Joyner-Francis' tragic passing. 

School bullying is nothing new, but it seems to have taken on a deadly dimension in recent years. Check out this throwback video about violence and bullying in school from 106 & Park:

(Photo: James Leynse/Corbis)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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