Look: State Farm Ad Featuring Interracial Couple Has Racist Trolls Revealing Themselves

Look: State Farm Ad Featuring Interracial Couple Has Racist Trolls Revealing Themselves

Others are thanking the company for promoting diversity.

Published December 25, 2016

State Farm recently took to their verified Twitter account to promote their #ProtectTheBling campaign, advertising their insurance coverage for personal valuables.

The tweet in question innocently used a stock image of an interracial couple, reading, "Who said yes? Cheers to the newly engaged this holiday season! Be sure to #ProtectTheBling."

While the tweet simply was promoting a State Farm insurance option, racist trolls instantly revealed themselves, taking to Twitter to share their outrage at the company's choice to use a photo of a romantically involved Black man and white woman as part of their advertising campaign.

"And you thought the Geico cavemen were bad," one Twitter user wrote in response to the tweet. "Never buying your crap again, State."

While others echoed that sentiment of choosing to boycott the company as a result of, well, blatant racism, others instead chose to praise the company for promoting diversity.

Take a glance at the thread from the original tweet, and it doesn't take long to see countless horrific examples proving that racial tension is as prominent as ever within the United States.

See State Farm's original tweet that sparked all sorts of backlash from racist trolls below.

See some of the racist tweets responding to State Farm's choice to include an interracial couple in their advertising below.

Additionally, many took to Twitter to praise State Farm for promoting diversity in their campaign, while others called out the racist trolls' responses.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: State Farm)


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