Brooklyn Racists Yelled 'This Is Our Neighborhood You F**king N****r' to Interracial Couple Before Attacking Them

(Photo: Bernard Szurant via Facebook)

Brooklyn Racists Yelled 'This Is Our Neighborhood You F**king N****r' to Interracial Couple Before Attacking Them

One attacker even verbally assaulted the Black officer who arrested him.

Published July 12, 2017

An interracial couple in Brooklyn became the target of a pair of racist bigots who unleashed a verbal and physical attack. 

Anna — a white native of Moldova — and her boyfriend, John, who hails from Trinidad, were celebrating their sixth anniversary in Sheepshead Bay when a couple of racist locals ruined their Saturday evening. Both of them have requested to keep their last names private.

“I feel like I’m back 50 years ago or something,” Anna, 38, told New York Daily News. “Being attacked for [our races] — it’s the first time.”

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Anna and John, 42, were crossing the street when two men, identified by police as Bernard Szurant (pictured above) and Rudolph Evmenenko, began screaming racial obscenities.

“This is our neighborhood, you f**king nigger! Get out of here!” Szurant, 25, and Evmenenko, 27, allegedly screamed before attacking the couple.

The pair even threatened to hang John.

“They said something about ‘I want to lynch your a**’ or something like that. They know enough about Black history to know that, apparently,” John told the Daily News.

The attackers then jumped him and repeatedly hit him in the face, according to police. John sustained a gash to his arm as he tried to defend himself, according to court documents.

Anna attempted to fight the men off by pushing and kicking them. When she tried to call 911, Evmenenko knocked her cellphone out of her hand and returned to beating John, police said.

"This was going on all the way until the cops literally pulled up in the car and they grabbed them off of him,” Anna told the Daily News.

Cops took both men into custody at the scene. However, Szurant continued his racist tirade by threatening the Black NYPD detective taking him into custody, police said.

“I know you,” he told the detective. “I know where you work. I am going to come to the 61st Precinct and f**king kill you, you f**king n****r.”

Cops charged both Szurant and Evmenenko with assault, menacing, criminal mischief and harassment. Szurant was also charged with harassment in the threatening of the detective.

A judge ordered the two released from jail following a brief Sunday arraignment, with orders to stay away from Anna and John.

According to documents obtained by NY Daily News, Szurant has an extensive criminal history, with 23 arrests, including robbery, records show. In October 2015, he was arrested for choking his sister in a dispute over money. Neighbors said Szurant is often violent.

"He uses some type of drugs and that makes him react really angrily," a neighbor told the Daily News. “The police have come 50 million times ... he threatened his mother with a knife."

Although Anna and John were scarred by the ordeal, they are happy to have made it out alive and together.

“It's disappointing, it was scary, it was unnerving,” John told Daily News. “But thank God we didn't get hurt."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Bernard Szurant via Facebook)


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