Mom of Three Fatally Shoots Home Invader Threatening to Kill Her Kids Then Gets Questioned by Police for 12 Hours

Crime Scene tape at the front door of a luxury home

Mom of Three Fatally Shoots Home Invader Threatening to Kill Her Kids Then Gets Questioned by Police for 12 Hours

Some are asking if the NRA will speak out on the incident.

Published August 7, 2017

The Georgia mother who shot and killed a home intruder after he threatened her children was interrogated by Marietta Police officers for 12 hours. 

On Thursday, Shaquita Green called 911 and told police that someone was breaking into her house and she had shot them. Green said the armed man barged into her home in the middle of the night and threatened her and her children.  

“It was either him or me and I wasn’t going. My kids weren’t going to get hurt and they weren’t going to see me get hurt,” Green told WSB-TV.

Marietta police identified the deceased intruder as Keandre Funches, 27. Green told investigators that Funches kept asking for her husband William Green, although he was not home at the time. Funches then forced the family to the back of the house, where Green was able to reach for her gun.

“That’s when I stepped in front of them and said, ‘You don’t have to do all of that,’” Green told WSB-TV.

After Green called 911, police came to the scene where they found Funches dead from a gunshot wound. Police canvassed the area and talked to neighbors. William arrived at the home just minutes after the shooting.

Police then took Green and her husband away for questioning while family members took the three children.

"The small children are now in the care of other family members, and as just normal protocol, the female is now at the Police Department being interviewed by our detectives," said Marietta Police Public Information Officer Chuck McPhilamy.

Police also identified Javarian Mitchell as the man who brought Funches to the Green home. Mitchell was taken into custody and has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment, cruelty to children and felony murder.

Shaquita Green said her kids were traumatized by the incident, but are doing OK. However, Green was very disturbed by the 12-hour long questioning she and her husband endured by Marietta police.

“We both work full time. We’re parents. So for them to tear up my house and keep my firearm and I’m the victim, I don’t appreciate that,” she told WSB-TV.

Although the NRA has not yet commented on the situation yet, many wonder if they will defend Green's rights as a gun owner.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Getty Images)


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