Here's Why Rosemont Police Rejected Protesters' Call For FBI To Take Over Kenneka Jenkins Case

(Photo: Kenneka Jenkins via Facebook)

Here's Why Rosemont Police Rejected Protesters' Call For FBI To Take Over Kenneka Jenkins Case

The initial autopsy on the 19-year-old was inconclusive.

Published September 20, 2017

Despite chants and calls from protesters at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont for the FBI to take over the investigation of the death of Kenneka Jenkins, local police say federal help is not necessary. 

Since the mysterious death of Jenkins, protesters and speculators on social media have questioned the noncriminal classification of the case. Jenkins was found in the walk-in freezer at the hotel where she and some friends went for a party. Last week, footage showing Jenkins stumble down the halls was released to the public.

Those who have been vocal about their distrust in Illinois police have called for the FBI to take over, yet Rosemont police issued a statement rejecting their demand.

“This investigation has been and remains the utmost priority for us,” Rosemont Police Chief Donald E. Stephens III said in the statement to The Chicago Sun-Times. “Throughout this investigation we have used any and all outside agencies necessary to complete a thorough investigation and will continue to do so as needed.

“I am fully confident in the ability of each and every one of the officers, detectives, and leadership team charged with this case. At no time have I doubted the work that is being done.”

Rosemont police have considered Jenkins’ death noncriminal, and they said there was “no credible evidence at this point” that would lead police to reclassify the teen’s death as a murder. Her autopsy was inconclusive pending further study.

However, Jedidiah Brown, a Chicago activist, continues to question the legitimacy of the investigation.

“It’s just strange,” Brown told the Chicago Sun-Times. “And until the mom has peace and Kenneka has true justice, we’re going to keep on the fight.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Kenneka Jenkins via Facebook)


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