Family Of 7-Year-Old Devastated After A Hanging Prank Goes Wrong, Leaving Her Brain Dead

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Family Of 7-Year-Old Devastated After A Hanging Prank Goes Wrong, Leaving Her Brain Dead

Precise Tucker choked on a potato chip while trying to play a joke on her mom.

Published March 23, 2018

The family of a 7-year-old girl in Queens, New York, is preparing for the worst after a hanging prank left her brain dead on life support.

Precise Tucker, 7, has played many pranks on her mom, Purity Baldwin, in the past. In a recent attempt to scare her mother, Tucker tied a bathrobe belt around her neck and other end to the refrigerator on Wednesday evening, reported the New York Post.

Baldwin, 39, told authorities that when she saw her daughter with the tie around her neck, she told her to knock it off. Baldwin and her 15-year-old son then exited the room, leaving Tucker alone, eating potato chips with the tie still around her neck.

Tucker’s brother eventually came back into the room to find his sister choking. He immediately called for their mom.

The two started scooping out chips that were lodged in Tucker’s throat and administered CPR while medical responders traveled to the scene. 

Precise began breathing on her own again following the CPR, but was on life support Thursday morning at Long Island Jewish Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

The girl’s aunt — Purity’s sister — told The Post at the hospital that doctors had declared the child “brain-dead.”

“They called in a brain specialist last night and she failed every test,” the aunt told The Post.  “He’s saying she’s brain-dead.”

Police are investigating, but sources said the family has no history with the Administration for Children’s Services.

“Her mom said she had done other pranks on the family in the past that involved her being physically injured or appearing to be deceased,” a police source said.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Helen Ashford/Getty Images)


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