White Man Carrying Loaded Gun Wasn't Threatening Enough For Police To Shoot Him 20 Times

White Man Carrying Loaded Gun Wasn't Threatening Enough For Police To Shoot Him 20 Times

Meanwhille, Stephon Clark's brother slammed Sacramento officials for failing the Black community.

Published March 28, 2018

A white man wearing body armor, carrying a loaded gun, and reportedly stolen SWAT equipment was peacefully arrested by Chicago police on Friday, causing many to question why he was not found as threatening as Stephon Clark.

Around 9:30 a.m, bomb-sniffing Amtrak dogs made a “hit” on an unattended bag found inside Union Station. Isaiah Malailua, 21, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was arrested at the ticket counter and charged with unlawful use of a weapon for wearing body armor, reported the WQAD.

On Tuesday, authorities said the New York City police SWAT gear that was in the unattended duffel bag was stolen in a smash-and-grab theft involving a parked NYPD squad car about 30 hours earlier. On 42nd Street, a thief used a brick to smash the rear passenger-side window of a police cruiser and fled with a bag containing helmets, vest panels, tourniquets, earpieces and NYPD patches, reported the New York Post.

Although the theft was captured on video, authorities are unsure if Malailua was the thief. If the NYPD ties Malailua to the robbery, he could face criminal charges in New York.

Inside the bag, authorities discovered the NYPD items, as well as a Greyhound ticket with Malailua’s name on it, according to the Chicago Tribune.

  1. News of Malailua's arrest resulted in people slamming police departments for hypocrisy
  2. Stephon Clark was fatally shot at 20 times while holding a cellphone, which prompted his brother and other protesters to interrupt a Sacramento City Council Meeting
  3. While Malailua was being processed in the system, Stevante Clark told the council, "The mayor and the city of Sacramento have failed"
  4. A recess was called after Clark's interruption

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Chicago Police Department, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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