Video Shows Black Mom Violently Arrested For Trying To Say Goodbye To Her Dying Son In The Hospital

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Video Shows Black Mom Violently Arrested For Trying To Say Goodbye To Her Dying Son In The Hospital

"I thought he could still be alive," she said.

Published April 28, 2018

A grieving Black mom was arrested after she attempted to see her dying son in a Pennsylvania hospital.

Cheirha Rankins, from the city of York, rushed to the hospital and was reportedly just minutes behind the ambulance who rushed her son, 18-year-old Nylik Moore, there. He had been shot in the chest.

When Rankins got to York Hospital, she was denied a final visit with her boy because the building was supposedly on lockdown.

"I was no more than three minutes behind [the ambulance]. ... I thought he could still be alive," she told the York Dispatch. "But I was told I had to stay outside."

Rankins then tried again to get into the hospital, but was then violently taken to the ground by officers and arrested for disorderly conduct. She denies she was being disorderly. "All we were doing was crying and moaning," she said.

The hospital’s policy is that it goes into lockdown after a victim is admitted following a suspected violent crime. It is unclear as to whether Nylik’s incident was the one causing the lockdown. The charge against Rankins was later dropped and the hospital issued an apology.

Nylik’s little brother Markai Rankins later told FOX 43 that hospital staff and authorities made them wait outside for hours. “They had us sitting out there for a whole two hours,” he said. We didn’t see my brother.”

York’s Mayor, Michael Helfrich, told BuzzFeed News that he was very disappointed and that the incident could’ve been dealt with in a much better way.

"I am just frustrated and I understand why the public and media are frustrated at not having all the answers," he said. "Obviously there is no bigoted or prejudiced action that is acceptable from our police department, and as a representative of York City, I will say the same of the hospital staff. Absolutely unacceptable.”

See the shocking footage taken by a person at the hospital scene below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Photo By Tom Carter


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