Tables Turned Quick For A White Lady Caught On Video Calling 911 On This Black Real Estate Investor

Tables Turned Quick For A White Lady Caught On Video Calling 911 On This Black Real Estate Investor

When keeping it racist goes wrong.

Published May 15, 2018

In a video posted to YouTube earlier this month, a Black real estate investor in Memphis records a white woman calling the police on him for doing his job.

Michael Hayes visited a dilapidated house in need of some fixing up. While he inspected the property and began to take photographs, a woman came out of a neighboring house demanding to know his business. In an attempt to squander any drama, Hayes showed the woman his investment contract, which showed that he had permission to work on the house, as well as the written permission he received from the homeowner.

Despite having seen multiple pieces of evidence proving Hayes had permission to be on the property, the unidentified woman called the police anyway.

Luckily for Hayes, the police shut down the neighbor real quick.

“You keep the camera rolling. If you have any problems with her, what I want you to do is call me back over here,” a white male officer tells Hayes. “She will go to jail for that.”

To which the woman replies: “I’m friends with the sheriff.”

“I don’t care if you’re friends with the president,” he says back to her. “You’re going to let him do what he’s going to do. If you try to do anything to stop him, I’m going to take you to jail.”

“Hurry up, do it and get out!” the woman seethes.

“No, no. He can take his time,” a female officer chimes in.

“He can take all day,” the male officer agrees.

Hayes then asks the officers to hang around for five minutes to ensure he is able to take the property pictures in peace.

At the end of the video, Hayes thanks the officers for having his back.

“You know why the lady called the police on me,” he said in the video. “But at the end of the day, she did not just want me in her neighborhood.

“The police, they were on my side,” he added. “I’m happy to be going home now. Finna go home and see my wife. I’m about to hug her, I’m about to see my son. Maybe see another day. Didn’t go to jail.

“They could tell the lady was crazy.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Michael Hayes/YouTube)


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