Tables Turn On White Women Who Called The Cops On Latinx Neighbors Just To Get Arrested Themselves

Tables Turn On White Women Who Called The Cops On Latinx Neighbors Just To Get Arrested Themselves

The women went on a racist tirade about how the family couldn't afford the neighborhood before they were charged with assault.

Published July 13, 2018

In a recently posted video from May, two white women racially attacked their Latinx neighbors and called the police on them, only to wind up behind bars.

Carlos Ruiz, who is a resident of Commerce City, Colorado, posted pictures and videos to his Facebook. In his post, he detailed how his mother and sister were harassed and assaulted by two white women he identifies as 26-year-old twins that live across the street from his family.

According to Ruiz, his mother was at a different neighbor’s home to ask about getting a carpet installed when the white women began hurling racist insults from across the street. The women even went as far as to suggest Mexicans could not have enough money to afford a home in that neighborhood.

When his mother started walking to her home, the women physically assaulted her with punches and hair pulling, according to Ruiz. When Ruiz’s sister ran outside to help her mother, the women began attacking her, yet she was able to fight them off.

The women then told Ruiz’s family that they are going to call the police and taunt them by saying “Who do you think they are going to believe?”

Eventually, police arrived to the scene and the white women told them that they are innocent and were attacked for no reason by Ruiz’s family.

“She just pulled my hair and socked me in the face,” one of the women can be heard saying as an officer in the background instructs them to go back across the street and stand by their house.

Although the women thought their privilege would carry them through, the officer actually turned to one of them and said, “This is not looking good for you, let me just tell you that right now."

The cop asks them again to go back to their own house and warns them that if they make another racist attack against Ruiz’s family, they will be going to jail.

This seemed to dare the women to double down by calling Ruiz’s mother and sister “old fat Mexican b*****s.”

According to a report from Now This Politics, both women were arrested and charged with bias-motivated assault and trespassing. There is also a restraining order against them.

Ruiz told Now This that because the women live so close, he and his family are looking for a new place to live.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Vesna Boskovic / EyeEm / Getty Images)


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