911 Call Audio Of 18-Year-Old Nia Wilson's Brutal Fatal Stabbing By White Man Released

Across the street from BART line near West Oakland station at night.

911 Call Audio Of 18-Year-Old Nia Wilson's Brutal Fatal Stabbing By White Man Released

The audio describes the moment officials learned of Nia and her sister's injuries.

Published July 25, 2018

Nia Wilson’s murder has been affecting millions who are struggling to understand why it happened.

  1. Now, we’re getting to hear audio of the phone calls made to local authorities from bystanders near the 18-year-old shortly after the violent assault happened. Calls to officials describe the horrific scene.

    “It looks like she’s on the platform, the lady,” a caller described. Later, while on the scene, dispatchers called in with more details. “We have two subjects and two lacerations,” they’re heard saying. “We have on CPR in progress… I got another one with lacerations to the neck… we have two victims.” You can also hear screaming in the background of calls made at the scene of the crime.

    Nia Wilson later died from her injuries. Her sister, Letifah, was also targeted and assaulted, but survived the attack.

    27-year-old John Cowell was arrested on Monday evening (July 23) at Pleasant Hill BART station without incident. He was booked on assault with a deadly weapon, violating his parole, and first degree murder.

    It’s just been reported that Wilson’s father, Ansar El Muhammed, arrived at the courtroom where Cowell was to be arraigned before it even opened. He says he wants justice for both of his daughters and wants to see that process in person.

    "My daughter was everything to me. She was beautiful, she had dreams,” El Muhammad told ABC7. “I am supposed to be planning her graduation not her funeral. Basically all I want is justice for my daughters.”

    Hear the 911 dispatches from Nia Wilson’s death below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Silentfoto


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