Dad From YouTube Channel Ace Family Called Out For Buying Phallic Lollipop For Young Girl

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Dad From YouTube Channel Ace Family Called Out For Buying Phallic Lollipop For Young Girl

In a video, Austin McBroom took the child into a sex shop and purchased the adult candy.

Published January 10th

A popular YouTube family, the ACE Family, has come under fire for posting what many are calling a “disturbing” video of a child eating a penis-shaped candy.

Austin McBroom of ACE Family originally posted the video to his Snapchat of himself buying an adult lollipop for a young girl.

In the video, which was recorded and posted to Twitter, the 26-year-old father of two is with a child in an adult sex shop. McBroom then buys a phallic-shaped lollipop for the child, who begins licking it on camera.

"Show Catherine what you have in your hand," McBroom says in the video.

Once the video went viral, many people began calling out the YouTuber for "sexualizing a little kid."

"Hey, @YouTube one of your content creators think that sexualizing a little kid is funny," a Twitter user wrote. "@AustinMcbroom, and also this little girl is his fiancée’s child and that just adds a whole other layer of grossness. @TeamYouTube, I hope you don’t care more about money than children."

Although some questioned if the child is one of McBroom’s daughters, the girl in the video appears significantly older than his children. Some people have said the child is related to McBroom’s wife.

Since the video went viral, the ACE Family has not released a comment, causing some to criticize them further.

"So you just gonna ignore the video going around of you buying the girl the lollipop," a Twitter user questioned. "You probably praying for people to stop talking about it because you know that’s gonna ruin your career; which means no more Gucci, no more Supreme."

Written by BET Staff

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