New York Middle School Denies Conducting Strip Search Of Four Black 12-Year-Old Girls

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New York Middle School Denies Conducting Strip Search Of Four Black 12-Year-Old Girls

Administrators at Eastern Middle School denied the accusations and say they performed a routine evaluation.

Published January 26th

Officials from Eastern Middle School are denying allegations that four Black middle school students were strip-searched last week in the school’s nurse’s office.

The allegations made by the students prompted hundreds of residents in Binghampton, New York to attend a school board meeting earlier this week to demand action taken against staff at the school.

Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow were the first to circulate online that four Black female students were questioned and strip-searched by a school nurse and assistant principal on January 15.

According to Buzzfeed, the girls were searched because they seemed hyper and giddy during lunch. This prompted school staff to believe the girls had drugs on them.

The students’ parents were not aware that any search happened until the girls came home from school.

“The children had their clothing removed and felt shamed, humiliated, and traumatized by [the] experience,” Progressive Leaders wrote on their Facebook page. “While they were being searched the nurse made disparaging comments about the eczema of one girl and the size of another’s breasts. They, as well as their parents, believe the heinous and excessive actions implemented by the school were racially motivated.”

According to Binghampton School District policy, strip searches should be conducted only under “exigent” circumstances. If such a search takes place police and parents “will be contacted immediately.”

The school district, after receiving backlash, released a statement denying a strip search took place. They also added that “misinformation” had been spread by third parties on social media, according to the Washington Post.

“No students were strip-searched, nor were they punished as a result of the incident in question, and they were allowed to return to class after being evaluated,” the school district wrote. They did though apologize for the “unintended consequences of making the students feel traumatized.”

Black anger has always been subjected but now, Black joy? SMH.

Written by BET Staff

Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell/Detroit Free Press/TNS via Getty Images


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