Cleveland Dad Leaves Baby On Train To Smoke A Cigarette Then The Train Departs

Cleveland Dad Leaves Baby On Train To Smoke A Cigarette Then The Train Departs

The man began frantically running next to the train and banging on the doors as it rode away.

Published February 8, 2019

A Cleveland father is facing tough criticism after a video shows him leaving a baby on a train that departed while he was off smoking a cigarette.

According to officials, the unidentified man will not face any charges in connection with the incident, reported Fox 13.

On January 12 at the Wildermere Station in East Cleveland, the man left the baby in a car seat to take a smoke break. In several surveillance videos, the man is seen walking onto the train and putting the baby in a seat.

The video, which cuts out several minutes to show the action, shows five minutes go by before the man begins walking away from the baby and towards the back of the train car. There is also another man who moves closer to the baby on the train.

Then the man walks off the train and has a cigarette. After about a minute, the doors begin to close and the other man on the train runs and tries to keep them open while alerting the father on the platform.

The train then pulls off while the father runs next to the train and bangs on the doors.

According to officials, several people gathered around the baby until the train was ordered to go back. The baby and the man were reunited.

Though he doesn’t face any criminal charges, he is still in the court of public opinion.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority)


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