Black Woman Called A Monkey, The N-Word And A Prostitute By Hotel Host

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Black Woman Called A Monkey, The N-Word And A Prostitute By Hotel Host

Monifah Brown, a 24-year-old event planner from London, exposed the racist on social media.

Published June 26th

Written by Paul Meara

Monifah Brown, a 24-year-old event planner from London, took to social media to share screenshots and a video of an exchange she had with a Miami condo owner.

Brown had been planning to rent out Giulia Ozyesilpinar’s “Ocean Five Condo Hotel” in South Beach, Miami with three of her friends. Instead, Ozyesilpinar launched into a racist tirade and claimed Brown was using a stolen credit card.

The conversation started pleasantly on WhatsApp with Ozyesilpinar requesting a down payment. Brown asked for a breakdown of the payment before explaining that she needed until June 28 to pay the deposit. After being informed that the dates couldn’t be held, Brown offered to pay the full amount on June 28.

This reportedly made Ozyesilpinar confused and for some reason gave her the impression she was trying to pay for the trip on multiple cards. Brown quickly explained she would pay the full price, but then the condo owner asserted, “One of you has a credit card, I am sure.”

Ozyesilpinar subsequently requested Brown share her age and send over a copy of her driver’s license and email, which Brown quickly sent.

However, on June 21, Ozyesilpinar sent Brown a text with an inquiry about her credit card and Brown did not immediately reply.

“Are you there or are you acting like you are ignoring me?” Ozyesilpinar wrote in the messages. “You acting with lies gives a very very bad picture for all of the black people. Please try to act like a lady and be a very good representation of black.”

Brown would later reply on the same day and explain that she was too busy to reply and relayed how appalled she was by the text Ozyesilpinar sent. 

“After your recent racist messages that you text to my phone, I now no longer feel comfortable staying in your property,” she replied. “Thank you so much for showing your true colors. I suggest next time you learn to have some class like this 'black woman' racist b***h.” 

According to subsequent messages posted by Brown, Ozyesilpinar then repeatedly called Brown the n-word and “monkey.” She also asked if she was a prostitute and sent videos in "direct voice notes" of sounds she believed sounded like African monkeys.

  1. Brown then informed the woman that she’d be going viral… And here we are. eventually removed the condo from its website after Brown’s post went viral.

  2. Ozyesilpinar has since posted Brown’s driver’s license to Facebook and equated her to being “like Jussie Smollett and other race card” pullers.

    During an interview with Miami New Times, she admitted to calling Brown a “monkey” and claimed “Being racist is not illegal.”

  3. “We live in a free world,” she told the newspaper. “We have freedom of speech. If I want to call somebody a monkey, I should be able to say that.”

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