GoFundMe Created In Support Of Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Tops $100,000 In Just Days

Daily News front page August 2, 2014, Headline: HOMICIDE 'Thanks God truth is finally out,' says widow - Video frame grab shows plainclothes Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo using chokehold to restrain Eric Garner. The medical examiner said Friday compression of the neck and check contributed to Garner's death. (Photo By: /NY Daily News via Getty Images)

GoFundMe Created In Support Of Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Tops $100,000 In Just Days

Daniel Pantaleo was fired from the NYPD late last week.

Published August 21st

Written by Paul Meara

Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who deployed a banned chokehold on Eric Garner that would eventually kill him, could be gaining off the attention he received in the wake of killing the father of six.

Last week, Pantaleo was fired from the New York Police Department. He had been on desk duty for five years following Garner’s death. Now, a GoFundMe has been started in order to financially support Pantaleo and his family. The account, created on August 2, states, "Support NYC Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo and his family. Mayor de Blasio's anti-police rhetoric contributed toward the decision to fire him. Let's help an officer in need who was only doing his job! It's the least we can do for a brother in blue with a newborn and bills to pay!"

The page’s goal is $150,000 dollars for the family, and so far, over a thousand unique donations have been made totaling over $109,000 as of Wednesday evening.

Pantaleo had been with the NYPD since 2006 and reportedly collected an annual salary of more than $97,000 while on desk duty for five years, according to public records. His recent firing means Pantaleo can collect his pension but loses other benefits he would have retained upon retirement.

Photo: NY Daily News via Getty Images


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