‘Dr. Slimthick’ Accused Of Puncturing Kentucky Woman’s Intestines During Botched Brazilian Butt-lift Surgery

Dawn Bumphus, Harry Intsiful

‘Dr. Slimthick’ Accused Of Puncturing Kentucky Woman’s Intestines During Botched Brazilian Butt-lift Surgery

The Instagram-famous Florida-based Dr. Harry Intsiful recently removed fake credentials from his website.

Published August 26th

Written by Zayda Rivera

Dawn Bumphus did her due diligence when researching plastic surgeons. In fact, it took the Kentucky woman a year before she finally chose Dr. Harry Intsiful, better known to his 26,000 Instagram followers as “Dr. Slimthick.”

But just two days after the July 23 Brazilian butt-lift surgery she underwent with the IG-famed, board-certified plastic surgeon, Bumphus, 35, was admitted to an intensive care unit with life-threatening injuries. 

Shortly thereafter, credentials listed on Dr. Intsiful’s bio on the New Life Plastic Surgery website were found to be fake and have since been removed.

Bumphus traveled to the Miami-based clinic where Dr. Intsiful works to undergo the fairly common surgical procedure, which involves removing fat from the stomach and back and injecting it into the patient’s butt to make it fuller and rounder. Now she’s on life support and dialysis, according to her mother, Rose.

“That’s my baby lying there,” she told local NBC News 6, adding the hospital informed her they found punctures in Dawn’s intestines. 

However, New Life has stated they are currently “conducting its own internal assessment of the surrounding facts and circumstances.”

Dr. Intsiful did not respond to BET’s request for comment.

Unfortunately, Bumphus’ story is not uncommon. 

Reports indicate at least a half dozen women have been hospitalized with life-threatening complications, and more than a dozen women have died following Brazilian butt-lift surgeries.

In fact, last year a New Life patient died after having the same surgery, but performed by a different doctor.

“We still don’t know if she’s going to make it or not, but I am praying that she makes it, that’s my baby,” Rose said.

Multiple officials from various institutions have confirmed Dr. Slimthick falsely listed credentials for titles that didn’t exist and, in some cases, were complete fakes. 

He never worked at Northwestern Hospital as a fellow in aesthetic and breast reconstruction surgery or with the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences as an assistant professor of surgery, or in any capacity, as was listed in Intsiful’s bio on the New Life website. 

While Coral Gables Hospital did confirm he has privileges to perform surgeries there, the title of “chief of plastic surgery” did not exist. 

(Photo: Left to right- NBC/Dr. Harry Intsiful)


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