Botham Jean’s Brother Hugs And Forgives Amber Guyger After Sentencing

Brandt Jean, Amber Guyger

Botham Jean’s Brother Hugs And Forgives Amber Guyger After Sentencing

The judge also embraced the ex-cop and gave her a bible.

Published October 3rd

Written by Zayda Rivera

Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Botham Jean. 

On Wednesday (October 2), after the ex-officer received her sentence, the deceased’s 18-year-old brother, Brandt, was given the chance to address his brother’s killer. 

The teen told Guyger he forgave her for the murder of his 26-year-old brother, reports USA Today

“If you truly are sorry, I forgive you. I know if you go to God and ask him he will forgive you,” he told Guyger. “I love you just like anyone else. I’m not going to say I hope you rot and die just like my brother did. I personally want the best for you.”

“I don’t even want you to go to jail,” he continued. “I want the best for you because I know that’s exactly what Botham would want you to do.” 

He then asked the judge if he could give Guyger a hug. The young man got up from the witness stand where he was sitting, walked over to Guyger and the two engaged in a lengthy embrace. 

Guyger sobbed while Brandt hugged her tightly. They let go a few times and Guyger didn’t seem to want to let go. They even had a verbal exchange, although it’s unclear what was said. 

The act of compassion from Brandt was visibly felt throughout the courtroom with many people wiping tears from their eyes, including Judge Tammy Kemp

Moments later, Judge Kemp left her post to hug Jean’s mother, Allison. Like Brandt, she then turned and walked toward Guyger. Judge Kemp gave the 31-year-old ex-cop a bible before embracing hug. Guyger was still sobbing. 

Jean’s mother wasn’t so quick to forgive. 

On Thursday (October 3) she appeared on CBS This Morning and when asked if she had forgiven Guyger like her son Brandt did, she said, “I’m getting there.” 

“I cannot eat,” she said while addressing the court during sentencing. “It’s just been the most terrible time for me.” 

Guyger was convicted of murder for the September 6, 2018, killing of Botham Jean while he was in his apartment. 

Guyger insists she thought it was her apartment, but she was actually on the wrong floor of the Dallas apartment complex. 

After she was found guilty, prosecutors revealed a series of text messages and social media posts that positioned Guyger as a racist. 

According to CBS, the guilty verdict came two days after what would have been Botham’s 28th birthday.

(Photo: Tom Fox, AP)


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