Woman Who Filmed Amber Guyger Minutes After She Shot Botham Jean Says She Was Called A ‘Black Extremist’ And Fired From Her Job

Woman Who Filmed Amber Guyger Minutes After She Shot Botham Jean Says She Was Called A ‘Black Extremist’ And Fired From Her Job

She paid a steep price for giving evidence to the district attorney.

Published October 6th

Written by Paul Meara

The only video footage of the aftermath of Amber Guyger’s murder of Botham Jean came from police body cameras -- and the cell phone of a witness who lived in a floor beneath Jean. Now, the neighbor who offered the footage to the Dallas district attorney’s office has been labeled a “Black radical” by her employer for doing so, and was fired from her job.

According to the woman, who has only been identified as Bunny, she had seven minutes of footage on her phone of Guyger pacing back-and-forth on the balcony of the South Side Flats apartments just moments after the off-duty police officer shot and killed Jean. She says she turned over the footage to the District Attorney’s office. Now, she’s claiming that the decision resulted in people harassing her and even the termination of her employment.

During an interview with African Diaspora News Channel, Bunny says that after some people in her Dallas community found out she turned the video over to the D.A., they subsequently found out she worked at a pharmaceutical company. Phone calls were made to her employer, demanding she be fired.

“People in the community found out where I was employed at and started harassing the company, posting to my company’s Facebook page, calling, emailing the corporate office, telling them I’m a radical, I’m anti-police, I’m a Black extremist, all that type of stuff,” said Bunny, who refused to reveal her real name or that of her employer. “And my employer actually fired me for that.” 

Bunny also says that when she threatened to take the story to the media, her company took further action.

“I threatened to go to the media over it and they actually took it a step further and blacklisted my credentials so my credentials are no longer valid in the state of Texas,” she said during the interview. “They gave me a chance to explain myself and they simply told me they didn’t want their company associated with a high-profile case, and because of that they were letting me go.”

During the interview, Bunny says that many of the initial statements Amber Guyger made about the immediate aftermath of the shooting contradicted what she witnessed. 

Watch the full interview below.

Photo: Dallas County Police Department


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