Miami Police Officer Brutally Attacks Black Woman, Grabs Her By The Throat

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Miami Police Officer Brutally Attacks Black Woman, Grabs Her By The Throat

The NAACP has released a statement.

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 13, 2020 / 07:50 PM

Written by BET Staff

Documentary film director Billy Corben shared videos on his social media account showing the aggressive tactics of Miami Police officers against spring breakers on South Beach.

One video in particular shows an officer screaming at a man who is walking away from him. The officer suddenly decides to arrest him and another man A pack of officers tackle two of the men to the ground. Another man can be heard saying, “There is a right way to do shit and a proper way. That was the wrong way.”

Another video shows an officer running after he collides with a young woman, who has been identified as Jaises Elam, according to The Miami Herald. The officer, who has only been identified as M. Eaton, can be seen aggressively pushing her to the concrete street and then grabs her by the neck, appearing to choke her.

Jaises Elam, who is 19 and from Detroit, was arrested for battery on an officer and resisting arrest without violence.

Corben wrote on Twitter, “This is @MiamiBeachPD's classic escalation technique: poorly trained and undisciplined officers take what could've been a harmless interaction with annoying Spring Breakers and turn it into a violent shitshow for no reason.”

See the disturbing videos below:

  1. The Miami Herald reports police were responding to a fight outside of a bar. However, there were no arrests made regarding the fight, only for the incident with police officers. Seven men were arrested and six were charged with resisting arrest without violence.

    Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements defended the officers by saying, “If you come to Miami Beach to cause problems, we will intervene and take enforcement action.”

    Ruben Roberts, chairman of the Miami-Dade County chapter of the NAACP, said in a statement, “This is a form of racism where you’re targeting these young Black people. I blame the chief of police. And I blame the mayor for allowing this.”

    He also added, “You can’t tell me that you can’t apprehend a subject that is resisting without assaulting them at the same time. Those officers need to go through some sort of training, they need to come up with some other tactics. They don’t have the cultural awareness to deal with African Americans.”

    As of yesterday (March 12), spring break has ended in Miami after the state officially declared a state of an emergency due to the coronavirus. 


(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)


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