7 Meditation Apps To Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety During The Coronavirus Crisis

7 Meditation Apps To Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety During The Coronavirus Crisis

Your journey to calm could be just a download away.

Published April 1st

Written by Demetria Irwin

While practicing social distancing, feelings of isolation and loneliness can have a significant impact on stress levels and overall mental health. BET has joined the #AloneTogether campaign in an effort to support mental and emotional health in Black communities by providing content focused on health and wellness, ways to safely connect with others and practical steps to combat negative thoughts and feelings as we all navigate through the coronavirus global pandemic.


Folks are anxious all across the globe because of COVID-19 and the havoc the virus has unleashed on households, the economy, education, and careers. There is a lot of uncertainty and in the United States there is even more anxiety because of a void in leadership at the top. Unemployment has spiked, students in their senior year are left confused about their next steps or how they will be graded, and the death toll keeps climbing every day. In these trying times, everyone is trying to snatch a bit of peace wherever they can find it.

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One way to fight off the dark feelings is to meditate. We get it, not  everyone is the yoga-practicing, incense-burning type. No problem! Whether you are a beginner in the journey of mediation or an old-hand at it looking for new platforms, check out these seven phone apps to help ease your mind amidst this COVID-19 blues.

  1. Calm

    With more than 75 million downloads, the Calm app has been a certified go-to since it launched in 2012. Featuring guided meditations, ambient music, and bedtime stories narrated by celebrities like LeBron James and LeVar Burton, it’s no wonder Calm has hundreds of thousands of five-star reviews.

    COST: Free seven-day trial, $70 annual premium subscription

  2. Insight Timer

    Don't have much time for meditation right now? Insight Timer might be what you’re looking for in an app. The 30,000 guided meditations can be tailored to fit into your schedule (hence the name) and there’s even a chart to help you keep track of your progress.

    COST: Free, premium feature purchase options

  3. Mindfulness App

    Whether you have three minutes or 30 minutes, the Mindfulness App has a little something for everyone. There are tips from professionals, breathing techniques, and specially crafted challenges to keep you sharp during those dull days at home.

    COST: Free, $60 annual premium subscription option

  4. Headspace

    Cultivating clear focus is one of the main features of Headspace. With fun illustrations and auditory help, the app also includes meditation guidance designed just for kids. Right now, Headspace as unlocked some of its premium content for people in need during this COVID-19 pandemic.

    COST: Free two-week trial, $70 annual premium subscription

  5. Relax Now

    As the name suggests, the Relax Now app (found in the Apple Store) is meant to be a de-stressor. Recordings from a certified hypnotherapist along with therapudic videos are designed to either energize the start of your day or calm you to sleep, depending on whatever effect your heart desires.

    COST: Free

  6. Breathing App

    Sometimes, you just need to be still and breathe. The Breathing App can help facilitate that for you, especially now when the value of a deep breath is so important. Best-selling author and Oprah favorite, Deepak Chopra co-developed this tool. It’s simple to use and maybe best of all, it comes at no cost to you.

    COST: Free

  7. Simple Habit

    Simple Habit is streamlined to help you navigate life’s daily tensions. With sleek visuals and calm audio, Simple Habit is a good place to start if you’re unfamiliar with meditation. The app is free through the end of April 2020 to help anyone who wants help dealing with COVID-19 related stress.

    COST: Free through April 2020, $11.99/month, $96/year

Demetria Irwin is a New York City-based writer and editor. Follow her on Twitter @Love_Is_Dope.

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