White Students' Racist TikTok Video Goes Viral After Classmate Puts Them On Blast

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White Students' Racist TikTok Video Goes Viral After Classmate Puts Them On Blast

A classmate from Carrollton High School put them on blast.

Published April 13, 2020

Written by BET Staff

A racist TikTok video featuring two students from Carrollton High School has gone viral after their classmate put them on blast.

The drama unfolded on Twitter, where a user who goes by @camden52801 posted the video and tweeted, "Okay I know this probably isn’t going to get a lot of views but I just thought I’d show everyone how racist the kids at my school are. The girl’s name is Stephanie Freeman and she’s a senior at Carrollton High School."

In the video, "Stephanie Freeman" and another student, later identified as Jeffrey Hume, enter a bathroom and say, "today we're going to make...n****rs." A piece of paper with the racist slur is seen atop the train in the bathroom sink, and the two proceed to pour cups of water labeled "Black," "Don't Have A Dad," "Eat Watermelon and Fried Chicken," "Rob People" and "Go To Jail" over the paper with the offensive slur.

When they get to a cup labeled "Make Good Choices," it's empty.

Speaking of choices, Freeman and Hume are likely regretting theirs after the abhorrent video got 1.4 million videos thanks to their classmate exposing them — and those are not views from fans or supporters.

Internet sleuths in the original poster's mentions found Freeman and Hume's personal social handles, as well as the college Freeman is planning to attend in the fall, and where Hume currently goes to school. One follower even uncovered that Hume, who is apparently a college wrestler, works out in a Black-owned gym. Petitions have already been started for Carrollton High School to take disciplinary action, and to bring the matter to the attention of Freeman and Hume's respective universities.

Carrollton High School issued a statement about the incident, saying the matter is "being addressed immediately and any student involved in the production of this video will face serious consequences."

Freeman, the young woman in the video, claims the clip was made two years ago. In a screenshot of a text conversation tweeted out by another classmate, Freeman appears to say, "I'm sorry for ever making that video. I don't even have it saved in my camera roll." She goes on to say she "sent it to someone who is not my friend anymore" and that she wishes she could take it back.

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(Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)


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