Man Arrested For The Stabbing Death Of Former R&B Singer

Man Arrested For The Stabbing Death Of Former R&B Singer

Cedrick Cotton was reportedly killed in broad daylight on Feb. 6.

Published March 2nd

Written by BET Staff

Cedrick Cotton, a former member of the popular 1990s R&B group Ideal, was reportedly murdered in broad daylight on  Feb. 6. A suspect has now been arrested.

According to ABC-13, police said an anonymous tip that led them to a man named Andre Ford who has now been charged with murder..

Cotton, 46, was stabbed to death outside of Fondren Food Mart in Houston, Texas. After the incident, scores of people flocked to the scene to see if it was someone they knew. William King, Cedrick’s uncle, was one of those onlookers, ABC-13 reports. .

"I saw him just lying there,” he said. “I couldn't do nothing but just cry last night.”

Cotton’s mother, Delores Floyd, told ABC-13 her son was a regular customer at the convenience store, where he’d often ride his bike to.

“The next thing I know, I get this call and I heard people ... 'He comes here every day. He doesn't bother anybody. He's a good guy,’” Floyd said.

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Cotton, who went by the stage name Swab, was one fourth of Ideal, who came onto the scene around 1999 and toured and performed for years. The group was best known for their single “Whatever.”

Cotton helped create Ideal, which started in California and consisted of himself, his brother, cousin and high school friend.

"They were on 'Soul Train,' 'Donnie and Marie Show,' 'The Parkers,'" Floyd said.

It isn’t known what led up to the killing. 

Photo Credit: Houston Police Department


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