Michael Baisden Hits the Road for Kids

Michael Baisden Hits the Road for Kids

Published December 23, 2010

(New York, NY) - Nationally syndicated radio host Michael Baisden hit the road for his “One Million Mentors Campaign to Save Our Kids Tour.”  Baisden launched the seven-month, 72-city national bus tour to stress the importance of being leaders to our youth and recruiting people to help out.

“Some of these young people don’t have fathers. Some don’t have mothers or fathers due to prison, drugs or whatever happened," Baisden explained. "Instead of waiting on the government, instead of waiting on the corporations, this is something we can do right now ourselves.”

Baisden is no stranger to activism. In 2007, he spearheaded the widely reported Jena 6 civil rights demonstration in Louisiana. Now with his mentorship campaign he is donating $5,000 per city to local organizations focused on helping young people.

Brian Taylor, a New Yorker, signed up to be a mentor at one of the locations in Harlem.

"In my life I had to look up to other people to be where I am because I couldn’t do it by myself," Taylor said. "So I think the mentorship program is a great idea to work with some of the kids in Harlem that may not have a father figure or big brother they can look up to."

The radio host says all you have to do is give one hour a week to make a difference. BET News caught up with Baisden at one of his stops in New York. Watch the video and comment.

Story by Tony Anderson (send feedback to @tonyandersontv on Twitter)

Written by Tony Anderson


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