Four Charged in Shooting Death of Memphis Football Star

Four Charged in Shooting Death of Memphis Football Star

Published February 11, 2008

UPDATED Oct. 10, 2007 – Four men have been charged with murder while attempting aggravated robbery in the shooting death of Taylor Bradford.

Bradford, a 21-year-old junior and defensive lineman for the University of Memphis, was found shot in his car Sept. 30, after the vehicle struck a tree. According to police reports, he was shot in his car, near campus housing, but was able to keep driving for a short distance before crashing into a tree.

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Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin tells The Associated Press that he believes  Bradford's robbery was a planned attack because there were rumors floating around campus that Bradford won some serious cash at a Mississippi casino the night before. Investigators found Bradford's body with a bullet wound to the body and $7,400 in his pocket.

Bradford’s death leaves his campus, especially his frat brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, shocked and saddened.

“We will miss him dearly…He loved his family, he loved his friends and he loved Kappa. He was always full of innovation and ideas. If you were around him, you were going to have a good time,” Will Terrell, president of the fraternity’s chapter, told the school’s newspaper.

Meanwhile, a man has been arrested in connection with the killing of track star Rodney Lydale Lockhart last month. The University of Mississippi sprinter was found shot to death in his apartment Sept. 29. Police say the suspect, 20-year-old Christian Bonner, knew Lockhart, 20, but they gave no motive for the shooting. Lockhart was a gold medal-winning member of the 1,600-meter relay team in the 2006 World Junior Championships in Bejing.

In another act of campus violence, 18-year-old Loyer D. Braden , who was arrested in connection with the Delaware State University shooting last month, has been expelled.  He is charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm during a felony.

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