Herman Cain Says Jon Stewart Is Racist

Herman Cain Says Jon Stewart Is Racist

Herman Cain thinks that a Daily Show segment in which comedian Jon Stewart mocks a claim made by the presidential candidate is racist.

Published June 23, 2011

Herman Cain is not amused with this satirical billboard created by Jon Stewart. (Photo: www.comedycentral.com)

Earlier this month, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said that if elected president he wouldn’t sign a bill longer than three pages. He later retracted the statement, saying that he was exaggerating.


Such “exaggerations” are red meat for comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who offer political satire on their shows. In a recent segment, Stewart mocked the three-page-bill idea, and now the former Godfather’s Pizza executive is calling racism.


In a Daily Show segment, Stewart imitates Cain’s baritone voice and theatric manner of speaking that have so enamored his supporters, and says that if Cain became president all government documents would be shorter:


“Bills will be three pages! If I am president, treaties will have to fit on the back of a cereal box. From now on the State of the Union Address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie. I am Herman Cain and I do not like to read.”


On Wednesday, Herman Cain said that Stewart had targeted him “because I’m Black.” Speaking at the Iowa Falls Fire Department, ThinkProgress reports, Cain said that he “mocked me with an Amos and Andy type brogue,” although he also admitted to having not seen the segment because he’s been too busy on the campaign trail.


“I have been called ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘sell-out,’ ‘Oreo,’ ‘shameless.’ So the fact that he wants to mock me because I happen to be a Black conservative—in the words of my grandfather, ‘I does not care ... I does not care’,” Cain said.


But nobody is exempt from the comedian’s acerbic tongue. Stewart, who has been pals with former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner since their college days at Harvard, did not allow that friendship to stop him from making fun of the disgraced lawmaker.

Written by Joyce Jones


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