Kwame Kilpatrick Granted Parole

Kwame Kilpatrick Granted Parole

Kwame Kilpatrick was granted parole and will be released from prison by July 24.

Published June 27, 2011

Disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was granted parole Friday and will be released from prison by July 24, the Michigan Department of Corrections.


The Wayne County prosecutor's office, which had opposed Kilpatrick's release, had no comment. Kilpatrick had been sentenced to serve 18 months of a five-year sentence for violating his probation.


Kilpatrick has said that he wants to return to Texas where he was living with his wife and three sons before going to prison.


Though he will be paroled, Kilpatrick is not free and clear yet. He will go to trial in September 2012 on a host of charges, including fraud, tax crimes and racketeering conspiracy. The government filed an indictment in December that describes a brazen pay-to-play scheme in which Kilpatrick and his father took kickbacks and bribes to steer city business to certain contractors, writes the Associated Press.


Last week a  Wayne County judge signed an order barring the publisher of Kilpatrick’s soon to be released memoir from giving any proceeds from the sale of the book to any entity other than the city of Detroit.  Kilpatrick still owes the city $861,399.80 of the $1 million in restitution that he agreed to pay.

Written by Deborah Creighton Skinner


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