NBA Players and Fans Are Crying for Isaiah Thomas Who Played a Day After His Sister Died in a Car Accident

Isaiah Thomas

NBA Players and Fans Are Crying for Isaiah Thomas Who Played a Day After His Sister Died in a Car Accident

Everyone from Kevin Durant to Charles Barkley and more weighed in on the Celtics' All-Star.

Published April 17, 2017

The sight of Isaiah Thomas breaking down and being consoled by his teammate Avery Bradley yesterday was as touching and heartbreaking as you'll ever see in sports.

Thomas's sister, Chyna, 22, was killed in a one-vehicle car accident Saturday and the Boston Celtics' All-Star point guard somehow managed to gather enough courage and spirit to play the next day in the Celtics' playoff game against the Chicago Bulls.

Thomas scored 33 points, but the Celtics lost Game 1. Still, that was an afterthought to Thomas gathering enough strength to even play in the game so close to such a tragedy. And the NBA community — and beyond — emotionally reacted to the tragic loss of Isaiah's younger sister, the fact that he played in the game and more. Prayers up to Thomas's family! 

  1. The scene of Isaiah Thomas breaking down in tears before the game was chilling

    We're all with you is right. Continued prayers to your family.

  2. Charles Barkley Caught Hell For Saying he felt 'uncomfortable' watching isaiah cry before the game

    Was Chuck trying to express sympathy, meaning he felt "uncomfortable" for Isaiah Thomas fighting through the pain and playing after losing his sister or did he mean that watching the Celtics' point guard cry made him feel "uncomfortable"? Either way, probably not the wisest choice of words there, Charles.

  3. Before Kevin Durant Discussed His Game 1 performance, he stopped to send his condolences to Isaiah Thomas

    We echo KD's sentiments.

  4. Fellow Washington Native Jamal Crawford Chimed In

    Brotherhood of ballers.

  5. His courage to fight through the pain and play had IT Winning Over new Fans

    Yes, there are going to be a lot of fans cheering for the Boston Celtics.

  6. Kevin Hart didn't know how Isaiah managed to play ... let alone drop 33 points

    Unreal is right!

  7. Even heated rivals became fans and admirers

    Nice sentiments from the Atlanta Hawks' guard.

  8. Well after the Celtics Game, J.R. Smith was still thinking about Isaiah

    Real talk.

  9. Fans would totally understand if Isaiah chose to fly back home to Washington and be with his family instead of playing in Game 2 tomorrow night

    It's more than understandable.

  10. Respect

    Stay strong indeed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Written by BET Staff

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