People Are Dragging the Hell Out of Cam Newton's Floral Coachella Outfit

Cam Newton

People Are Dragging the Hell Out of Cam Newton's Floral Coachella Outfit

The Panthers QB "consistenly serves aunt who thinks she's better than everyone."

Published April 17, 2017

Cam Newton has been dragged for his aunty swag before. We mean...who could forget that hat he rocked last December?

Well, his latest fashion choice has the Carolina Panthers quarterback being eviscerated on Twitter and Instagram on an entirely different level.

While at Coachella over the weekend, Newton donned a romper-like, all-floral outfit, leaving him open season to roasting that's still going on today.

Click through Cam's floral outfit on his IG account followed by all the hilarity that ensued —including an endless array of aunty jokes.

  1. What Was Cam Thinking With This Outfit?

    Clearly Cam didn't give any Fs about being in full bloom at Coachella. And neither did people dragging him to hell and back over the outfit.

  2. People Gave Him The 'Old Kanye' Treatment

    We're dead over the "Flowers that bloom Cam Newton" line. 

  3. And People didn't hesitate to roll out the Aunty jokes


  4. And they were just warming up...

    😂😭😭🙌🏽 @cameron1newton #camnewton

    A post shared by bisexual💍🔐💕 (@cameron1newton.fanpage) on

    Easter Sunday aunty swag!

  5. And They Really Made a 'Who Wore It Better?' Between He and Hillary Clinton

    Who wore it better ? #CamNewton #HillaryClinton

    A post shared by Lo White (@sweet_n__lo) on

    The Internet has done it now!

  6. Real Tears Over This One

    Cam's outfit is clearly #NotTheOne.

  7. Another Reason Why The Internet is Undefeated

    "24-karat magic in the aiiiiir!"

  8. How planned are these outfits?

    Too funny!

  9. And While Dragging Cam's Floral Outfit, People found another notable to destroy

    Straight out of the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective line.

  10. It does look like the former NFL MVP is modeling for a fashion line

    The new face of Fashion Nova?

  11. The GOAT in Fashion?

    If by GOAT you mean "Greatest of Aunty Threads," we're in agreement.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)


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