Heartbreaking Video Of Steph Curry Consoling Devin Harris' Nephew Who Just Lost His Father

Steph Curry, Devin Harris

Heartbreaking Video Of Steph Curry Consoling Devin Harris' Nephew Who Just Lost His Father

The Mavs point guard's brother tragically passed away in a fatal car accident.

Published October 24, 2017

Steph Curry scored 29 points and had eight assists to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 133-103 road win over the Dallas Mavericks last night. But it's the assist that the two-time NBA MVP dished before the game that was more important.

That's because, before the game started, Curry consoled nine-year-old Brayden, who is the nephew of Mavs point guard Devin Harris. Brayden's dad, Bruce Harris, who was also Devin's 38-year-old brother, died Thursday afternoon due to a tragic car accident, as reported by ESPN.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

"It's obviously hard to find the right words to say in that situation because it's such a tough blow to the family," Curry said, as reported ESPN. "At that age, I can't imagine what he's going through, but the best thing I could say is just to lean on his family to give him that strength in this tough time. Nobody could tell [him] how to feel to allow himself to get through this the best that he can, but with his family at his side and leaning on them for strength and for love, hopefully they'll be there for him. That's the best I can tell."

According to ESPN, Curry's brother, Seth, who plays for the Mavericks, and Warriors guard Shaun Livingston helped set up the meeting with Steph, Harris and Brayden. Steph also autographed items for the grieving boy.

Harris brought Brayden to the Mavs' home, American Airlines Center, to help take the boy's mind off of things for a while.

"I lost my brother tragically and it's been a tough week," Harris told the media with his nephew by his side, as reported by ESPN. "The family is taking it pretty hard, as you would expect them to. Probably the toughest thing I've had to deal with, dealing with myself, trying to explain it to his kids, my kids. It's just been tough."

Harris didn't play Monday and remains on indefinite leave from the Mavericks. 

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