This Photo Of Baron Davis Kissing Laura Dern Has Twitter Going In

Baron Davis, Laura Dern

This Photo Of Baron Davis Kissing Laura Dern Has Twitter Going In

"I wasn't ready for the optics."

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 27, 2017 / 04:22 PM

This photo of Baron Davis kissing Laura Dern surfaced on social media today and it has Twitter losing its damn mind.

People couldn't help but weigh in on the 38-year-old former NBA point guard locking lips with the 50-year-old veteran actress, who has appeared in Star Wars and, as one Twitter user mentioned, was the mom in Jurassic Park.

Davis' ex-wife, Isabella Brewster, filed for divorce this past June, but are you ready for Baron and Laura as a new couple out here? Check out some of these reactions.

  1. This photo of Baron Davis and Laura Dern kissing hit Twitter on Wednesday morning and people didn't know what to do with themselves


  2. The photo alone made for instant hot-topic conversation at the office

    These observations and questions are gold.

  3. And there was plenty more where that came from

    Talk about it!

  4. That being said, the dynamic between Davis and Dern did cause some complications

    Hilarious tweets!

  5. Some just weren't ready for the optics

    Get familiar!

  6. Others shared theories on how this couple even came about

    Perhaps this table read by Baron Davis did grab Laura Dern's attention.

  7. Seeing this photo made one person deliver this observation about LA

    Real tears over here, too!

  8. Whatever you think about this pic of Baron and Laura kissing, 2017 is hell-bent on not leaving quietly


Written by BET Staff

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