LeBron Reportedly Being Open To Free Agent Talks With The Warriors Has Twitter In Shambles

LeBron James

LeBron Reportedly Being Open To Free Agent Talks With The Warriors Has Twitter In Shambles

"I would never watch basketball again."

Published February 1st

ESPN reporting that LeBron James would be willing to "listen" to the Golden State Warriors during his free agency talks if they can create a max salary spot this offseason instantly turned Twitter into shambles.

And for good reason, considering the Warriors are already the defending champion with four All-Stars, including Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. So, just imagine King James joining them and how much more lopsided the Warriors' edge would be over their competition.

Twitter sure did imagine that, pulling up with these no-chill, hilarious reactions to the report.

  1. The initial thought of LeBron joining a warriors squad with Curry, KD, Green and Thompson made Twitter sick to its stomach


  2. The report led some people to threaten that they'd never watch the nBA again if it happens

    Talk about telling 'em know how you really feel.

  3. If this ever happened, the rest of the NBA and NBA Twitter would look like ...

    Without a doubt.

  4. Meanwhile, Draymond Green heard the report and got in KD's ear like ...


  5. Either that or ...

    Not the Jazz treatment!

  6. Durant heard the report and might have got on his reported burner Twitter account like ...

    Yet another reason why the internet remains undefeated.

  7. All that being said, many LeBron fans feel like King James is just plotting and trolling out here

    Hmm ... can't argue with that. What are the chances of this report panning out and LeBron actually joining the Warriors?

Written by BET Staff

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