Oscar De La Hoya And Floyd Mayweather Ignite Twitter Beef Over Grammar

Oscar De La Hoya And Floyd Mayweather Ignite Twitter Beef Over Grammar

The champion boxers didn’t let the holiday break stop them from taking shots at each other.

Published 3 weeks ago

Not even the Christmas spirit can stop Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya from engaging in a petty social media feud. 

The age-old beef reignited on Christmas Eve when Oscar De La Hoya tweeted a special message without seemingly hitting the spell-check button. 

"Happy Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who is great full and optimistic about life and positive about everything that doesn’t go your way. Life is truly Beutiful if you wake up every morning believing in yourself and in others. And to the haters go f*** your self. Hoho." 

Then Mayweather, who has been teased in the past by 50 Cent for his own spelling and literacy issues, posted the tweet to Instagram with some grammatical corrections. 

"I never claim to be a rocket scientist, but in the boxing ring I’m Albert Einstein. This is the same coke head talking about running for president in 2020," Floyd captioned the post.

Shortly after Floyd's IG post went viral, De La Hoya clapped back and said he aimed the tweet at Mayweather from the beginning.

"Hahaha the idiot @FloydMayweather took the bait, I intentionally misspelled to see if the dummy would respond and sure enough he did. Floyd have you apologized to all those women you hit and went to jail for? Just retire already and enjoy @GoldenBoyBoxing in 2019," he tweeted. 

While we can't be certain if Oscar truly aimed the misspelled tweet at Floyd, one thing we do know is that neither fighting champions received the gift of maturity for Christmas. 

Written by BET Staff

(Photos from left: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images, Brad Barket/Getty Images)


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