Soul Train Awards 2022: Queen Naija Knows How To Rock A Catsuit

From sequins to glitter, her catsuits have personality.


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Queen Naija is going to wear a onesie on stage. It may be full length, it may be a bodysuit but it is going to be form fitting and all one piece. The R&B singer has a work uniform and she wears it proudly. Let's take a look at how the Misunderstood singer rocks her signature stage style. By: Alba Anthony

Photo By Paras Griffin


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Queen Naija performs on The Butterfly Tour in a colorful mixed media bodysuit.

Photo By Prince Williams


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Queen Naija chose blue full length bodysuit in velvet for a Washington, DC performance

Photo By Brian Stukes


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Queen Naija adds a little sparkle to her fleshtone full length body suit for a Detroit performance

Photo By Aaron J. Thornton


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Queen Naija rocks the stage in a pink and green bodysuit and matching boots for a Los Angeles performance

Photo By Lester Cohen


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Queen Naija wears bright pink full length bodysuit with gloves at the Strength of a Woman Summit and Festival concert

Photo By Derek White