I Love You, Man: Top Celebrity Bromances

A look at some of the strongest relationships in Hollywood.


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Will Smith and Tom Cruise - The only thing possibly second best to a Hollywood romance is the authentic bond of the age-old bromance. From Will Smith and Tom Cruise to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, here are our favorites. These box office titans have been besties for over a decade. They are neighbors in Beverly Hills and frequently double date with their spouses Jada and Katie. Will even co-starred with Tom's son Connor Cruise in Seven Pounds. "Wherever Will Smith is, that’s where the party is!" Cruise said about his pal.(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Kevin Durant and Chris Paul - Not only are they a dynamic duo on the court, but Kevin Durant and Chris Paul have also hit it off in real life. Like any healthy bromance, they even had a public spat during their game against the Thunder. Of course, they pair made up after the game ended. (Photo: Brett Deering/Getty Images)

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Kevin Durant and Chris Paul - Not only are they a dynamic duo on the court, but Kevin Durant and Chris Paul have also hit it off in real life. Like any healthy bromance, they even had a public spat during their game against the Thunder. Of course, they pair made up after the game ended. (Photo: Brett Deering/Getty Images)


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Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill - The soul singer and comedian have been BFFs for nearly 30 years and, despite persistent rumors that they're more than just friends, Eddie and Johnny have always had each other's back. Johnny stood by his pal following several messy relationships with women, including a paternity battle with the Spice Girls' Mel B.(Photo: Arnold Turner/WireImage/Getty Images)

Magic Johnson on the Arsenio Hall Show - After Johnson announced his status, he went on the Arsenio Hall Show to speak to his friend, because he felt it was a safe space to open up. ?I felt we could give the world a great message, instead of somebody I don?t know or I don?t trust,? he said. ?What was a blessing is a lot of people went out and got tested?I raised the awareness level 22 years ago, but we need to do that again now,? he continued. (Photo: Valerie Goodloe/PictureGroup)

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Arsenio Hall and Magic Johnson - Arsenio stood by Magic's side during the lowest moment of his life — when the NBA all-star had to announce to the world that he had contracted HIV — and the pair have been riding high ever since. The talk show host/comedian even raised over a half million dollars for The Magic Johnson Foundation on the show. (Photo: Valerie Goodloe/PictureGroup)


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Tyson Beckford and Tyrese Gibson - Their uncanny physical resemblance means they'll be bonded for life, and with the leak of Tyson's sex tape in 2012, the world knows the underwear model thinks about his doppelganger even in his most private moments. In the as-yet unreleased tape, Beckford tells his lady friend how he hates being compared to the Fast Five actor. But women clearly have room in their lives for both these hunks.(Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images)


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Rob Kardashian and Lamar Odom - The basketball player and his brother-in-law get along better than family ever should. Though Odom and Rob's sister Khloé have called it quits, it's hard for us to forget the brothely bond that the two once shared.(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com)


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Jay Z and Chris Martin - They are an unlikely duo, but the Brooklyn rapper and the British-born singer have been two peas in a pod ever since their wives became besties. Martin's kids even call Jay Z their "Uncle Jay."(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


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David Spade and Chris Rock - Saturday Night Live not only launched these comedians' careers, their time on the hit variety show was the foundation of their friendship, which lasts to this day. The pair even starred together in 2010's Grown Ups and 2013's Grown Ups 2, along with their fellow SNL alums Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider. (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade - Along with Chris Bosh, these two ballers became close during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and soon decided they wanted to play together. Cut to six years later, and James made the decision to ditch the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers where he started his career.(Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)


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Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West - Talk about a power couple. These politically-kindred spirits took their bromance on the road with their "Poverty Tour," bringing awareness about the plight of the 99 percent in advance of the 2012 election. The Beltway bros even wrote a best-seller together called The Rich and the Rest of Us. If only Democrats and Republicans could get along so well.   (Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)


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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele - Bromance is one thing, but when your friendship is so strong it gets its own TV show, that's when you know you've found a keeper. The close connection between these two comedians is the basis for Comedy Central's Key & Peele. While success can sometimes come in the way of friendship, Jordan isn't worried: "I lucked out with Keegan. He's probably the one person I can trust," he said. (Photo: Jeff Daly/PictureGroup)


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Zach Braff and Donald Faison - Anyone who's watched Scrubs can see these two TV docs have more fun than a couple of med students playing with anatomically-correct dummies. "I think pretty much everything that you see us do together on that show, is how we are in real life," Faison once said. "Maybe times that by ten. In real life we're that on steroids."(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


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Michael B. Jordan and Zac Efron - It's not often that on-screen bromances spill over into real life, but in the case of Hollywood heartthrobs Michael B. Jordan and Zac Efron, a few exceptions were made. Following the rease of their 2014 film That Awkward Moment — where the paid played best buds — the two have been seen partying together, solidifying the fact that bromances in Hollywood are indeed real.(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

OutKast Reunited - The hip hop power duo reunited for a powerful performance at BET Experience 2014. (Photo: Earl Gibson/BET/Getty Images for BET)

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Big Boi and Andre 3000 - After literally working side-by-side for more than two decades, it's no surprise that these two are real-life besties. With six albums, multiple tours and more singles to count under their belt, these two are a match made in music heaven.(Photo: Earl Gibson/BET/Getty Images for BET)

Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff Boycott the Grammys - The riff that the hip hop community has with the Grammys first came to light in 1989. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith), the first rap act to ever win a Grammy, refused to attend the 1989 ceremony in protest of the hip hop portion of the show not being televised.(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff - From kicking it on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to rapping about the awesomeness of summer, these two have risen to fame together. Though Will has become a household name and DJ Jazzy Jeff has kept a lower profile throughout the years, the two have managed to maintain that brotherly bond like nothing's changed. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images) 


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Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson - There's no bromance like one between legends. Music heavyweights Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson have remained loyal to one another since the beginning with Robinson encouraging Gordy to make the first big move of his career: create R&B label Tamla Records.(Photo: Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET)


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Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson - For years, Tyrese and the late Paul Walker have displayed there brotherhood in the name of Hollywood, sharing the screen for the entire Fast & Furious franchise. Most recently, following Walker's death, Tyrese was visibly distrought, and wrote a heartfelt message to his old friend that proved that their relationship ran deep: "At least I got to say I love you," he said.(Photo: Buda Mendes/LatinContent/Getty Images)