Meet Kali Hawk

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Hawk's Eye - Pay attention closely enough and you will see Kali Hawk in all types of productions. Having done roles in everything from Hollywood blockbusters to TV sitcoms, the New York native has never been fearful of spreading her wings when it comes to screen time. (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


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Couples Retreat (2009) - Hawk protrayed Trudy in this romantic comedy about several couples looking for some R&R only to find themselves in several mishaps. (Photo: Courtesy Universal Pictures)


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Get Him to the Greek (2010) - Hawk plays the part of Diddy's assistant in this raunchy comedy about the pitfalls of the music industry. (Photo: Courtesy Universal Pictures)


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Answers to Nothing (2011) - Hawk has a brief role as Allegra in this independent mystery set in Los Angeles. (Photo: Courtesy Ambush Entertainment)

2. Bridesmaids - "The funniest movie of the year. Unlike Hangover, the film doesn't rely on sexism, homophobia and racial epithets to hit a punch line." - Read the Full Review(Photo: Courtesy Universal Pictures)

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Bridesmaids (2011) - Hawk made a very hilarious appearance as Kahlua in this soon to be cult favortie. (Photo: Courtesy Universal Pictures)

New Girl - Damon Wayans Jr. played a coach in the pilot for New Girl with Zooey Deshanel but was later replaced by another actor after he found a new show. (Photo: FOX)

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New Girl (2011) - Hawk has a recurring role as Shelby, Winston's ex, in this hit FOX TV series. (Photo: Courtesy Fox)


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Issues (2005) - In one of her first film roles, Hawk portrays a waitress in this comedy about two housemates with different relationship values.(Photo: Courtesy Bullz Eye Productions)