Flicks of the Week: Sanaa Lathan Tries 'Something New'

Will this turn out the way she wants it to?

Let the Church Say Amen, Wednesday at 10A/9C

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Let the Church Say Amen, Monday at 10A/9C - A family that prays together fights a lot too!(Photo: BET)


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First Sunday, Monday at 6P/5C - Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan are about their sanctified life. Encore on Tuesday at 10A/9C. (Photo: Sony Pictures)

The Peeples, Tuesday at 7:30P/6:30C

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The Peeples, Tuesday at 7:30P/6:30C - Craig Robinson's hoping not to get buried alive by his fiancée's family. Encore on Wednesday at 10A/9C.(Photo: Lionsgate)

B*A*P*S, Friday at 7:30P/6:30C - Halle Berry's working her up 'do! See this starlet's tresses in a other flicks here.(Photo: New Line Cinema)

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B*A*P*S, Thursday at 10A/9C - These beautiful Black princesses are taking over the world.(Photo: New Line Cinema)

Something New  - One doesn't think of pedicures as sexy, but the local Vietnamese beauty parlor probably doesn't do them like Simon Baker when he paints Sanaa Lathan's toes lust-red (while they're in bed, no less), bringing a direly needed blast of color into her beige life.(Photo: Gramercy Pictures)

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Something New, Friday at 10A/9C - Sanaa Lathan's dating outside of her race. (Photo: Gramercy Pictures)