#LST Season 4 Recap

The entire fourth season in photos!


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Will You Marry Me...Sort Of? - By far the biggest moment in season four is the moment when Crystal finds an engagment ring in Troy's coat pocket. What does it all mean? Marriage in next season? With that said, we've got the top moments from this season of #LST just for you!(Photo: BET)


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Crash Landing - We didn't know if Kita and Troy's love would make it! Such a nerve-racking scene! Ahhhh!(Photo: BET)


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Jamal! - That moment when Charles mimicked Tasha! Come on, you have to admit it was funny. She's not around, so you can laugh!(Photo: BET)

#TeamWoodson - We start the episode with Jamal and friends shaking in their boots, wondering if political shark Blanche Taylor would come for them. (Photo: BET)

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Uh Oh - That moment when Blanche Taylor read Jamal for blood. This was the first episode of the season, too!(Photo: BET)

You's a Fool - Big Boi's laughing, like: "I may have hit if first, though bruh." (Photo: BET)

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Big Boi! - Yay! BET Experience performer Big Boi came through to show Jamal some love.(Photo: BET)


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OMG - Did you think Crystal would really go all the way? We knew the deal! But of course, it is our show! Hehehe.(Photo: BET)

I Got This - So Charles says: "LeBron ain't got nothing on me, homie. Step aside."(Photo: BET)

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Charles Got No Game - Of course we had to add Charles into this equation of top moments; he's always doing something! Hitting Darkanian's boyfriend with the basketball definitely took the cake!(Photo: BET)

Stop Playing - Even Darkanian knows Charles can't play.(Photo: BET)

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Blessing in Disguise - While we don't condone Charles's crazy actions, he did cause Darkanian to finally come out to the world and release Crystal from being his pretend boo. Good not-so-good job, Charles.(Photo: BET)

Ballin' - This episode begins with Crystal planning her fake wedding with Darkanian.(Photo: BET)

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It's My Wedding Party - Before Darkanian had the courage to come out, Crystal had racks on racks as a baller's wife. This bridezilla moment reminded us of how a few other women on TV take their love (and money) seriously.(Photo: BET)

Back Up Off Me, Charles - And she had to let Charles know: "Get ya own ish.." Step away from her and her cereal, Charles. (Photo: BET)

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Knuck If You Buck - What we didn't know was that Stacy had fighting skills. She proved herself when she almost beat Charles down for trying to steal his cereal back!(Photo: BET)

Big Break! - After suffering through a terrible film, Charles has the brilliant idea of sending Stacy on a date with another man!(Photo: BET)

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That Awkward Moment - Now what was Charles thinking letting Stacy go on a date with Kelly Perine (a.k.a Dr. Sutton)? Did he do it for the Vine?(Photo: BET)


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Staying Together - In this moment, we knew Troy loved Kita and we'll cherish it forever!(Photo: BET)

Bliss - Come on now Rashad, it's time you get your kiss. You've waited almost all season for this!(Photo: BET)

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Whoosh - Yes! When Crystal and Rashad got to kiss (again), we just dropped to the floor, and we're pretty sure you did as well. You can thank us later for savoring this moment.(Photo: BET)

Man, Please! - Blanche Taylor could have told Jamal to drop out before he started, but she was busy eating.(Photo: BET)

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Know What I'm Saying? - Every moment with Blanche Taylor Suggs was a funny one. Y'all know her!(Photo: BET)

Money Shot - Stacy's got her street cred, y'all!(Photo: BET)

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Caught! - Poor scandalous Stacy! Why did she have to go to jail?(Photo: BET)