15 Things You Didn't Know About Janet Jackson

Get to know miss Damita Jo!

The Best to Ever Do It

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The Best to Ever Do It - We know Janet Jackson for many things — acting, dancing, singing — but did you know these things about the icon? (Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Vogue & The Dubai Mall)


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No Shade - Miss Jackson (if ya nasty) was to appear as Lena Horne in a biopic due to be released in 2004. But Lena changed her mind after Janet's breast-baring incident at that year's Super Bowl. (Photo: Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

In the Beginning

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In the Beginning - She and her eight siblings were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses. (Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Learn From the Best

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Learn From the Best - Favorite singers: Ella Fitzgerald and Marvin Gaye.(Photos from left: John Downing/Express/Getty Images, Jim Britt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)


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Serendipity - In one scene of the film Poetic Justice, Janet Jackson's character Justice is listening to the Stevie Wonder song "Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer." Sixteen years later, Wonder would perform that song at the memorial for Janet's brother Michael Jackson. (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

In Good Company

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In Good Company - Janet is the No. 2 most successful artist on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart, second only to Madonna. (Photos from left: Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/Getty Images, KCS Presse / Splash News)

Futuristic - Busta killed it again with his 1998 album E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front, which featured "What's It Gonna Be," his hit duet with Janet Jackson. The song, which featured a $2 million Hype Williams video and some of Busta's most nimble, tongue-twisting rapping yet, peaked at No. 3 on Billboard. (Photo: Courtesy Elektra Records)

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"Ignorance Is Bliss" - Janet Jackson rejected a role in The Matrix (1999) to go on a concert tour (the Velvet Rope concert tour to be exact, which ended in January of 1999). (Photo:  Elektra Records)

"Again" - In 1993, the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis song "Again" was featured on the Poetic Justice soundtrack and sung by the star of the film, Janet Jackson. It was, of course, a number one hit.   (Photo: Virgin Records)

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Mirror, Mirror - The video for "Again" was originally supposed to have Janet wearing her PJs when she was sitting near her bed because that's what she was wearing when she was writing the song for Poetic Justice. (Photo: Virgin Records)

The Janet Jackson Experience

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The Janet Jackson Experience - The Rhythm Nation 1814 World Tour was the most successful debut tour from any artist at the time.(Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

Janet Jackson and James Debarge - Jackson's insistence in privacy in her romantic relationships started from a young age. In 1984, the pop star eloped with R&B singer DeBarge. Under pressure from her family, her marriage is annulled less than a year later. In 2005 DeBarge's brother, Young, claims that the couple were parents of an 18-year-old girl they sent to live with Jackson's sister Rebbie. Jackson responded, "I do not have a child, and all allegations saying so are false."  (Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage)

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"Let's Wait Awhile" - Janet eloped with singer James DeBarge in 1984 and lived with him at the Jackson's Encino, Calif., ranch for several months before she had the marriage annulled. (Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage)

"One Nation Under [Janet]"

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"One Nation Under [Janet]" - Jackson has posted 37 hits in the top 40 of Billboard's Hot 100 chart, just one fewer than brother Michael managed in his lifetime. Her ten No. 1 hits are "When I Think of You," "Miss You Much," "Escapade," "Black Cat," "Love Will Never Do (Without You)," "That's The Way Love Goes," "Again," "Together Again," "Doesn't Really Matter" and "All for You." That list doesn't include signature songs "What Have You Done for Me Lately," "Nasty" and "Rhythm Nation" — all of which didn't quite reach the top spot. (Photo: A&M)

Janet Jackson – Control (1986) - Janet Jackson's first collaboration with producer-songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Control's electronic blend of R&B, funk, disco, pop, dance and synth percussion made the singer and her collaborators innovators of rhythm and blues. Hits off the LP included "Nasty," "What Have You Done for Me Lately" and "When I Think of You."(Photo: A&M Records)

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Controlling the Game - Her third album, Control, sold over 10 million copies worldwide and produced five Top 5 hits, including "Nasty," "Let's Wait Awhile" and the No. 1 hit "When I Think of You." (Photo: A&M Records)

Her Nickname Was Given to Her by Michael

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Her Nickname Was Given to Her by Michael - Her nickname "Dunk" was coined to describe her sturdy body, which her brother Michael claimed remsembled a donkey. (Photo: CBS /Landov)

Janet Jackson - Her brother’s talents were not exclusive. Janet Jackson has staple moves of her own. From her Control days, Janet displayed an uncanny ability to dance, and 1989's Rhythm Nation 1814 would go on to influence many female performers to come. But while Janet paved her own lane as a double-threat, she had to attribute some of her routines to her older brother. Michael and Janet teamed up for "Scream" in 1995 and showcased a Jackson sibling dance-off that would go down in history. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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Dream Unfulfilled - Growing up, Janet Jackson wanted to work at a McDonald's drive-thru window. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


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Keeping Screaming - The singer originally wasn't fond of the idea of collaborating with her famous sibling, stating, "I felt I hadn't come into my own and I hadn't fully made a name for myself … and I didn't want to ride anyone's coattails." By 1993, she had a change of heart. (Photo: Epic Records)

One Woman Army

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One Woman Army - She is the only woman singer in the history of rock 'n' rol to score five back to back No. 1 studio albums on the Billboard albums chart. Control, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope and All for You all reached No. 1, together selling more than 60 million copies worldwide. Her albums Design of a Decade and Damita Jo both reached the Top 3. (Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)