Everything We'd Lose if Lil Wayne Retires

Don't leave us, Weezy!

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The Last Tune - It was the tweet heard 'round the world. On September 3, 2016, Lil Wayne tweeted, "I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I'm dun." He chased that tweet with, "ain't lookin for sympathy, just serenity," and then another, "I'm good y'all don't trip." After the back and forth that Wayne has endured over the last few years regarding his contractual agreements with Birdman and Cash Money Records, we can only speculate that a departure from music would seemingly come from this. And sure, Wayne has threatened to bow out before, but knowing what's been happening with his current musical situation has added an uncomfortable level of permanency to this declaration. Even Young Thug felt it, tweeting sentiments like "@LilTunechi I promise I'm holding u down no matter what… f**k the ...

No Carter V in Our Lives - After waiting for what feels like forever for this project, if Wayne drops out, we may never get Tha Carter V. It wasn't supposed to be like this. It was never supposed to be Detox.(Photo: Lil Wayne via Instagram)

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No Carter V in Our Lives - After waiting for what feels like forever for this project, if Wayne drops out, we may never get Tha Carter V. It wasn't supposed to be like this. It was never supposed to be Detox.(Photo: Lil Wayne via Instagram)

Photo by @liltunechi via Instagram


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Balance on Posse Cuts - When Wayne jumps on a track, he brings a certain je ne sais quoi. Placing him on a cut will fellow titans, and his personality shines through. It's needed. So what will we do if that goes away?(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images) 


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No More Wayne and His Skateboard - That's not to say retiring from music means retiring from skateboarding, but we wouldn't be aware of Wayne's moves as much, UNLESS he finally becomes a professional skateboarder. Hmmm.(Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic) 


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Someone Other Than Rihanna for Drake to Publicly Admire - Come on now, the only other artist who Drake gushes over really is Wayne. Without him, we're just left with photos of matching tattoos.(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images) 


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That Personality Though - Wayne is one of hip-hop's most celebrated characters. Losing that personality in music would be devastating.(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images) 


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'Mixtape Weezy' - Jay Z knew what he was talking about in "Death of Auto-Tune" when he referenced "Mixtape Weezy." There's definitely a difference between "Album Weezy" and "Mixtape Weezy." Mixtape Weezy is pure bars, no commercial filler. Can't fathom losing that. (Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage) 


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Discoveries Like Nicki Minaj - Let's not forget that while Lil Wayne is a killer on the mic, he's also a sharp A&R. When he discovered Nicki rhyming in a stairwell via the On the Come Up DVD many moons ago, he saw her star potential. Now look where she is. Further, he validated Drake. Will we ever get those next level superstars if Wayne isn't discovering them?(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET) 


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The Action Packed Lil Wayne Concerts - If you've ever seen Lil Wayne perform live, you just know. Losing that energy on stage would be terrible for us all.(Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Bud Light) 


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The Cash Money Story - If Wayne retires, that would mark the definitive end to his Cash Money saga. While that would probably be the best thing for everyone involved, any long-term and die-hard fans of the label would know that a relationship that once provided some of the best hip-hop would really be a done deal once and for all. It's not the greatest situation, but we all low-key prayed for repair between Birdman and Wayne. (Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for BMI) 


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Romantic lines like this: 'she call me Dracula, and I'll vacuum her' - Wayne has a way with words, especially when it comes to the ladies. Sidebar: this was probably the least graphic verse to use as an example.(Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Samsung) 


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The Many Loves of Lil Wayne - It's always interesting to see who Wayne is "dating" these days. We'd lose that luxury if he dips from the public eye.(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for SHOWTIME) 


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Eccentric Fashion Choices - Say what you will, but Lil Wayne gives ZERO f**ks what you think about his style. It's refreshing, really, considering how many lookalikes are out there. Wayne is in a class by himself, despite other artists being heavily "influenced" by him.(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images) 


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That Surprise Wayne Cameo on a Track - How many times have you scanned the internet when a new track drops and surprisingly Lil Wayne is on it? That thrill will be gone forever if he retires. Le sigh.(Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Samsung) 


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No More Joint Projects - We got the ColleGrove project with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, which was great and all, but there was a rumored joint album with Drake coming, along with a rumored one with Juvenile and Mannie Fresh. Chuck the deuces to those too.(Photo: Araya Diaz/WireImage) 


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Lil Wayne In General - Forget everything else, really, not having Lil Wayne in music — just Lil Wayne himself — is reason enough to be upset. We're talking about a legend here, whose career will be cut short due to legal B.S. This can't really happen, can it? (Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)