Soul Train Awards 2023: 7x Ari Lennox's Face Card Emphasized Her Mesmerizing Eyes

It never declines, my gawd!

Incognito, But Make It Sexy

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Ari Lennox's beauty thrives in every setting she's placed it, so let's see some of her best face cards this year.

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Silver Shimmer With A Light Beat!

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You better give us this shimmer and a light beat.

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Ari 'Luminous' Lennox

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My goodness, she's perfect!

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Hair In The Wind, Face Still Pretty!

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She could stand there, and we would stare at her all-day.

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Keepin' It Cute And Funky

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When you look good, you feel good!

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Supa Dupa Cute And Fly

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And Missy would agree!

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Shea Butter And Love All Wrapped In One

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Smile for us, baby! She looks like she smells good and gives the best hugs!

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