Movie Marathon Weekend, July 6

Check out which movies are airing this weekend!

Movie Marathon Weekend July 6

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Imagine That - Saturday at 8A/7C!(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

The Wash - Saturday at 3P/2C.(Photo: Lions Gate Films)

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The Wash - Saturday at 10:30A/9:30C!(Photo: Lions Gate)

Winner Takes All - One of Ice Cube's more recent box-office smashes is Lottery Ticket, where he starred alongside of "Mr. 106," Bow Wow, Terry Crews and Loretta Divine.(Photo: Dimension Films)

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Lottery Ticket - Saturday at 12:30P/11:30C!(Photo: Alcon Entertainment)

B*A*P*S (1997)

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B*A*P*S* - Saturday at 3P/2C! (Photo: New Line Cinema)

Phat Girlz, Thursday at 9:30P/8:30C

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Phat Girlz - Saturday at 5:30P/4:30C! Encore on Sunday at 10:30A/9:30C.(Photo: Fox Searchlight)

Are We There Yet? (2005) - After declaring war and then peace with Hollywood, Ice Cube came full circle in the acting arena and certified himself as a family movie star. Leaving his khakis and Chucks far behind, Cube's wholesome comedy reunited him with his Boyz N the Hood co-star Nia Long as they grossed over $82 million with this kid approved flick. Two years later they dropped another $50 million in the pot as Cube burned Hollywood down and rebuilt it back up to his liking.(Photo: Columbia TriStar)

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Are We There Yet? - Saturday night at 11:30P/10:30C! Encore on Sunday at 1P/12C.(Photo: Columbia TriStar)

Kingdom Come, Monday at 10P/9C

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Kingdom Come - Late Saturday/Early Sunday at 2A/1C! Sunday afternoon at 3:30P/2:30C.(Photo: Fox Searchlight)