Soul Train Awards 2023: Crowning Glory: 7 H.E.R. Hair Moments that Turned Heads."

Focus on the beauty.

Give Us The Hair Glam H.E.R.

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After revealing herself to the world, H.E.R. has been nonstop with her amazing hair glam, showcasing numerous hairstyles we fell in love with and replicate to this day. Let's look at some of her looks.

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A Girl With Her Guitar And Ponytail

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Slick is back and sing your heart girl!

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Beauty With A Nice Beat

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We love this look on our girl. Very soft and feminine, so beautiful.

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Glitter, Glam, And Gorgeous Curls

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Curls are just as vibrant as her voice.

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These Braids Are Sickening!

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Oh yes, honey!

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A Moment For The Back Of The Dress And The Hair

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Oh darling, give us drama and hair glam on the carpet

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Such A Cutie!

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I would be smiling too if I was a Grammy Award winner and never had a bad hair day!

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